BERUS Exonuclease I

The BERUS Exonuclease I is specific to only single-stranded DNA. The enzyme cleaves nucleotides from the 3’ to the 5’ end of DNA. The Exonuclease I can be added to the end of a PCR protocol to increase the purity of double-stranded DNA or RNA.


  • Single-stranded removal for analysis of sequencing or SNP
  • Removal of primers for PCR reactions
  • Removal of single-stranded DNA from double-stranded DNA or RNA samples.

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  • Specificity – The BERUS Exonuclease I is specific towards only DNA. No RNA is affected during the reaction.
  • Versatile  Can be used for a variety of applications
  • Easy to use – The enzyme can be added directly into a post-PCR reaction, with no preparation required.

For research use only. These products should not be used for diagnostics

The BERUS Exonuclease I is easy to use with minimal preparation. The enzyme is inactivated by temperatures above 80C.

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Product Concentration Volume Catalog number
BERUS Exonuclease I 2000U 1mL WF10401601

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