BERUS 1kb DNA Ladders

Our high-quality DNA ladders are comprised of a set of different sized DNA fragments. According to molecular weight, these fragments of DNA can be separated and visualised on agarose gels or SDS gels as distinct DNA bands. The BERUS 1kb DNA ladder is designed and ready to use on 1% agarose and SDS DNA gels, for the electrophoretic separation and quantification of double-stranded DNA in the range of 0.5KB to 10KB. The ladder consists of 10 fragments. The 3KB fragment and 1KB fragment are present at increased intensity to allow easy identification.

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  • Clear banding – helps to visually identify key molecular weights.
  • Distinct separation  purified fragments of DNA to aid accurate identification of your gene.
  • Convenient – optimised for easy analysis.

For research use only. These products should not be used for diagnostics

The BERUS 1KB DNA ladder is ready to use for gel electrophoresis applications

For more information about how to use the BERUS 1KB DNA ladder, please see the package insert.

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Product Package Size Catalog No.
BERUS 1 kb DNA Ladder  50 ug WF10408001

Product Information

Ready to Use: Yes
Number of Reactions: 100 Applications
Product Size: 50µg
Volume: 100 µL
Shipping: Dry Ice
Storage: -20°C
Gel Compatibility: Agarose

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