NOVA Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit

The NOVA Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit provides a time-efficient and simple method to extract viral DNA and RNA from a variety of sample types e.g. plasma, serum or any other bodily fluid. This product will allow the user to extract viral DNA and RNA with ease, speed and precision using silica-based membrane technology using spin column. The protocol has been designed to maximise nucleic acid yield and purity, whilst minimising degradation and removing inhibitors, reducing problems in downstream applications. The extracted nucleic acid can be used in various downstream applications.

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  • Efficiency – This protocol has been designed to extract DNA or RNA from various sample types in a timely manner.
  • High yield – The reagents used in this extraction kit have been optimised to produce high quality and high concentrations of viral DNA and RNA, without contamination of mammalian nucleic acids
  • Versatile – The end DNA product can be used in many downstream applications e.g. RT-PCR, qPCR and sequencing

For research use only. These products should not be used for diagnostics

Use the tables below as a quick guide on how to use the NOVA Viral RNA/DNA Extraction kit product:

 Table 1: Volumes required for one sample extraction

Reagents Volume
Viral Lysis Buffer 400μl
Carrier RNA 20μl
Binding buffer 450μl
VW1 buffer 400μl
VW2 buffer 600μl
Elution buffer (pH8) 50μl


Table 2: Reaction times for each step of DNA extraction

Extraction Stage Timings
Cell Lysis 10 minutes
DNA Binding 30-60 seconds
Washing 1 1 minute
Washing 2 1 minute
Elution 5 minutes


For more information about the NOVA Viral RNA/DNA Extraction kit protocol, please click here for the guide.

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NOVA Viral RNA/DNA Extraction kit 50 reactions WF10105001
250 reactions WF10105002

Storage Conditions

Upon delivery of the NOVA Viral RNA/DNA Extraction kit, store all reagents at room temperature, except the Carrier RNA, which should be stored at -20°C.


Please click here for the Extraction Troubleshooting guide.

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