COSMO DNA Polymerase Enzyme

COSMO Taq DNA Polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase that catalyses the polymerisation of nucleotides into duplex DNA in the 5′ -> 3′ direction. COSMO Taq DNA Polymerase is isolated from recombinant E.coli containing the DNA polymerase gene from Thermus aquaticus Y-T1. It exhibits its highest activity at pH 9.0 and 72°C. The COSMO buffer included in this product also contains the RED loading buffer, allowing for an easy transition from amplification to gel electrophoresis.

This enzyme is designed for high fidelity PCR for use in research, used in conjunction with our COSMO dNTPs product (WF102600X).

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  • AccurateCOSMO buffer provided with the DNA polymerase Enzyme provides the optimal pH and Mg2+ to enhance enzyme performance. The accuracy of the enzyme is beneficial by producing high yield and fidelity PCR products.
  • Reliable – Willowfort kits undergo extensive tests to ensure consistent quality in all of our products.
  • Versatile – Allows for high output and fidelity DNA amplification in a wide array of applications such as real-time PCR. It is also compatible with TaqMan® probes and SYBR® Green dyes.
  • High yield and sensitivity – COSMO buffer enhances the performance for even the most complex DNA templates, producing high DNA yield, suitable for downstream applications.

For research use only. These products should not be used for diagnostics

Use the tables below as a quick guide on how to use the COSMO DNA Polymerase Enzyme product:

Table 1: Reagents required per reaction



COSMO 5x RED buffer and ion solutions


Forward and reverse Primers (0.1—1 μM each)

1-2.5 μl

dNTPs (10mM)

(Not included; Cat No. WF1020600X)


Nuclease-free water

To 50μl

COSMO Taq DNA polymerase


DNA template (10 pg—1 μg)

 Volume varies


Table 2: Thermal Profile for COSMO RT-PCR Master Mix




Stage 1


2 min*

Stage 2.1


10 sec

Stage 2.2

Primer Tm <5°C

20 sec

Stage 2.3 72°C


Repeat stage 2 for 25-35 cycles

Stage 3


1 min

*Increase to 5min if GC content is higher than ≤50%

# The extension time depends upon the amplicon length


For more information about the COSMO DNA Polymerase Enzyme protocol, please click here for the guide.

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Package Size

Catalog No.

COSMO DNA Polymerase Enzyme

500 Units WF10202001

5 x 500 Units


20 x 500 Units


Storage Conditions

Upon delivery of the COSMO DNA Polymerase Enzyme, store all reagents in -20°C.

Downstream applications

  • DNA amplification using PCR
  • Genotyping using (Real-Time) qPCR
  • Southern Blotting DNA sequencing
  • DNA sequencing

Troubleshooting Guide

Please click here for the PCR Troubleshooting guide.

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