The BERUS DNase I is the perfect addition to your molecular biology applications, ranging from RNA extraction, RT-PCR preparations and DNA labelling. The Ca2+-dependent endonuclease hydrolyses single and double DNA to produce mono- and oligo-deoxyribonucleotides. The enzyme is a monomer (29kDa) and produced by cloning in E. coli. The DNase I is easy to use and easily degraded by heating to 70C.

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  • Mg2+ activated – The DNase I is activated by Mg2+ to increase purity of your RNA sample.
  • Versatile  Can be used to cut single and double DNA strands.
  • Easy to use – This product can be added directly into your RNA sample, with minimal preparation.

For research use only. These products should not be used for diagnostics

The BERUS DNase I is easy to use with minimal preparation. The enzyme is inhibited by metal chelators, transition metals, SDS, and reducing agents.

This product should be gently mixed by inversion of the tube, due to its sensitivity to physical denaturation. Do not vortex the enzyme.

For more information about how to use the BERUS DNase I, please see the package insert.

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Product Concentration Volume Catalog number
BERUS DNase I 2000U/mL 0.5 mL WF10409001


  • RNA preparation
  • Template DNA removal
  • RNA removal before RT-PCR and RT-qPCR
  • DNA labelling
  • Library generation

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