DNA & RNA Synthesis  

Oligonucleotide synthesis

Willowfort provides an extensive range of custom oligo synthesis services, from simple PCR primers to highly modified oligonucleotides. All of our products are purified and subject to QC by mass spectrometry. Oligonucleotides are synthesized using Phosphoramidite solid-phase synthesis and are purified by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or PAGE to achieve the desired purity and are subject to QC by Mass Spectrometry. Synthetic oligonucleotides obtained can be used in a variety of molecular biology applications such as PCR, qPCR, sequencing, mutagenesis, SNP assays, microarrays, etc.



  • Custom DNA and RNA oligo synthesis, including primer/probe synthesis and labelling
  • Standard and custom long oligo synthesis
  • BNA synthesis
  • 2ml screw-top tubes or 96-well plates
  • Aliquoting available
  • Delivery format: lyophilised or normalised to a selected concentration


DNA Oligo synthesis

Primers, labelled or unlabelled

Probes, labelled or unlabelled

Short or long DNA oligos (up to 300 bases)

Wide choice of modifications

RNA Oligo synthesis

Wide choice of modifications

Short or long RNA oligos (up to 300 bases)

BNA Oligo synthesis

Replacement for LNA and PNA

Superior binding affinity


Quality Control System


High quality oligonucleotides require a rigorous quality management system in place. All the reagents used in this process are our own and checked for quality prior to use. We monitor the oligonucleotides during synthesis in order to control the coupling efficiency at each cycle. All oligonucleotides are analysed by HPLC or PAGE for purity and characterized by mass spectrometry. Finally, oligonucleotides are quantitated twice by UV spectrophotometry to provide an accurate measure of yield.

Ordering & Contact Information


Unmodified Oligonucleotide

Product 40 nmol scale 100  nmol scale 200  nmol scale 1 umol scale 2 umol scale 10 umol scale Custom scale
Catalog No. £0.4 £0.6 £1.1 £3 £5.5 £30 ——
Max. Length 70 mer 110 mer 110 mer 200 mer 200 mer 200 mer 200 mer








Purification Price Per DNA Oligo

Product 40 nmol scale 100  nmol scale 200  nmol scale 1 umol scale 2 umol scale 10 umol scale Custom scale
PAGE £80 £80 £200 £300 £500 ——
HPLC £40 £40 £120 £180 £300 ——


  • Please contact us for additional information or send an email to oligo@willowfort.co.uk
  • To contact us by phone, please call
  • Orders may be placed using a purchase order (PO) or by credit card through our secure online ordering system
  • When using a credit card it will be billed under


Custom DNA oligonucleotide can be ordered by email oligo@willowfort.co.uk


Modification Oligonucleotide


  • You can modify your oligonucleotide with numerous fluorophores and quenchers from an extensive list of modifications.


Our modified oligonucleotide of dual-labeled probes. Our dual dyed probes are highly sensitive, dual-labelled DNA probes. We offer a wide variety of quenchers and fluorescent reporter dyes for all types of qPCR platforms



Fluorophore Absorbance (nm) Emission (nm) Scale 50nmol Scale 100nmol Scale


Scale 1umol
FAM™ 494 518 · · · ·
TET™ 521 536 · · · ·
JOE™ 528 548 · ·
HEX™ 535 556 · · · ·
NED™ 546 575 · ·
ROX™ 575 602 · · ·
TAMRA™ 555 580 · · · ·
TET™ 521 536 · · ·
Cy 3.5 588 604 · ·
Cy 5 646 667 · · ·
Most of quenchers are available suitable for most of Fluorophores