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Who are we? Willowfort are an evolving company with global recognition; renowned for developing, manufacturing and delivering high quality range of products and services.

With a wealth of experience, spanning almost 20 years, Willowfort have been shaping the world of healthcare by discovering and developing superior research reagents.

Values: Willowfort pride themselves on meeting customers’ needs accordingly, with the addition of ensuring environmental sustainability of the business practices.

Aim: Our aim is to simplify and improve Life Science research and the world of healthcare through continuous innovation.

Mission: Willowfort develop cutting edge, one-of-a-kind reagents for biomedical research purposes. Our mission is to accelerate the research and discovery of innovative products, provide our products at an outstanding value, delivering superior solutions to customers.

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Products: Willowfort are proud to have obtained a wide range of products which are simple to use with guaranteed results, developed with an understanding of what our customers wish to achieve so they can attain their goals.

We have put our focus into gaining leading amplification reagent knowledge, to achieve the goal of developing advanced reagent technologies for optimum performance needs of quantative real-time PCR assays – this equips scientists with the tools they require to advance applied molecular testing and other clinical diagnostics.

Product portfolio: Willowfort are a provider of instruments in areas of Life Science – the portfolio includes modern, high end consumer technology and complete systems for biomedical and bioanalytical application in Life Sciences.

Our extensive range of products include device specific consumables such as reagents.

“With a wealth of experience, spanning almost 20 years, Willowfort have been shaping the world of healthcare by discovering and developing superior research reagents.”

Personnel: Our team is comprised of biology specialists whom develop, manufacture and supply all products. From placing your orders, to technical guidance, we meet and exceed the industry standards for timely solutions to customer inquiries.

We provide a wide range of custom products, services and packaging to suit all aspects of customer needs. All contact points as an opportunity to provide an above and beyond service to customers.

R&D: The collaborative efforts of our R&D team ensure our products are made of the highest quality.
Our reagents are supplied and used by molecular biologists and many other research scientists to test and research in various fields.

We continue to evolve and aim to continuously improve the Willowfort purchase experience, maintaining relationships with our customers, partners and investors – this keeps us at the forefront of new areas of application/technologies, giving our team feedback, resulting in the development of more sustainable solutions and services for the market.

Research: To fully maintain our position as leaders in the industry, Willowfort foster an environment of collaboration and discovery for our R&D team.

Network: Willowfort actively seek business partnerships with other leading industry innovators across the globe.

Quality: Willowfort are committed to understanding and meeting the expectations of all customers accordingly.

Service: Our commitment to service is our commitment to our customers. Our customer service groups interact with all levels of the company to ensure that every process is focused on delivering the highest level of service and satisfaction.