NOVA Blood RNA Extraction Kit

NOVA Total RNA Purification Kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of high-quality Total RNA from blood samples. This is an innovative mini kit using silica-based membrane technology with an easy and quick to use spin column. This technology eliminates lengthy and complex procedures like alcohol precipitation or expensive resins. The standard procedure takes around 20 minutes following cell lysis. The process yields purified RNA of more than 33kb and can be used, once isolated, in PCR, northern blotting and enzymatic reactions.

This product allows you to extract RNA with a high degree of purity, and minimal degradation of the RNA product using silica-based membrane technology. This kit can be used to extract RNA from the leukocytes in the blood. This product degrades any DNA from the sample to maximise purity.

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  • High yield– the automation in the extraction procedure minimises product loss.
  • Versatile– the RNA product can be used in many downstream applications such as RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, and Southern Blotting.
  • High purity– our allows you to exclude enzyme inhibitors, RNA and proteins from the samples to easily transition to your downstream applications.

For research use only. These products should not be used for diagnostics

Use the tables below as a quick guide on how to use the NOVA Blood RNA Extraction kit product:

 Table 1: Volumes required for one blood sample extraction



Blood sample

Up to 300μl

RBC buffer

X3 of blood sample volume  + 100μl after pelleting

RLB buffer


100% Ethanol


RW1 buffer


RW2 buffer


Nuclease-free water



Table 2: Reaction times for each step of RNA extraction

Extraction Stage


Cell Lysis

15 minutes

RNA Binding

30-60 seconds

Washing 1

30-60 seconds

Washing 2

30-60 seconds


5 minutes


For more information about the NOVA Blood RNA Extraction kit protocol, please click here for the guide.

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Package Size

Catalog No.

NOVA Blood RNA Extraction Kit

50 reactions


250 reactions


Storage Conditions

Upon delivery of the NOVA Blood RNA Extraction kit, store all reagents at room temperature.


Please click here for the RNA Extraction Troubleshooting guide.

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