COSMO ‘Hot Start’ PCR RED Master Mix 

The COSMO ‘Hot Start’ PCR RED Master Mix is a ready-to-use solution that enables robust amplification up to 5 kb of genetic material from original template DNA. This mix contains all the necessary components required for a successful PCR, as well as red loading dye to visualise pipetting steps and to aid agarose gel loading. This all-in-one product improves time-efficiency and reduces the chance of external contamination post-PCR. All that needs adding are the DNA template and gene-specific primers. The ‘Hot Start’ Taq polymerase is isolated from a recombinant E. coli strain containing the DNA polymerase gene from Thermus aquaticus Y-T1. The enzyme has been modified to eliminate non-specific amplification during PCR set-up by the addition of antibodies within the buffer to maximise specificity. The reaction mix is already optimised for efficient PCR, generating long products at higher yields whilst minimising contamination risk and the time taken to prepare a reaction.

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  • Accuracy – the COSMO RED buffer provides the optimal pH and Mg2+ to enhance enzyme performance, producing high yield PCR products.
  • Convenient – the COSMO RED buffer contains gel loading dye to aid gel loading, removing this step post-PCR.
  • Robust – High fidelity amplification with little optimisation required, even with complex DNA templates.
  • Reliable – Willowfort products undergo extensive tests to ensure consistent quality.
  • Ready to use – Just add gene-specific primers and your DNA template to the master mix.

For research use only. These products should not be used for diagnostics.

Use the tables below as a quick guide on how to use the COSMO ‘Hot Start’ PCR RED Master Mix product:

Table 1: Reagents required per sample



COSMO ‘Hot Start’ PCR Master Mix RED


Forward and Reverse Primers

1-2.5μl (0.1-1μM each)

Nuclease-free water

To 50μl

DNA template (10pg—1μg)

Volume varies


Table 2:  Temperature and Times for the PCR protocol




Stage 1


*2 min

Stage 2.1


10 sec

Stage 2.2

Primer Tm <5°C

20 sec

Stage 2.3



Repeat stage 2 for 25-35 cycles

Stage 3


1 min

*Increase to 5min if GC content is higher than ≤50%

# The extension time depends upon the amplicon length


For more information about the COSMO ‘Hot Start’ PCR RED Master Mix protocol, please click here for the guide.

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Package Size Catalog No.

COSMO Hot Start PCR Master Mix RED

100 reactions


500 reactions


1000 reactions


Storage Conditions

Upon delivery of the COSMO ‘Hot Start’ PCR RED Master Mix, store all reagents in -20°C.

Troubleshooting Guide

Please click here for the PCR Troubleshooting guide.

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